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Cyber DJ Sandi's Music
Test 1


 Sis on this page, I have cleaned this page up for you.......because and this is very important. You will be testing your
Web Gem's.
Once you have placed a Web Gem you CAN NOT DELETE it later. You will have to do the whole page over again. So that is why you will be test all of them on the page. Now hit the ADD Web will take you to a new page. There you will have a lot of choice's. I want you to start at the top and test and see what all they do. Put each one on yhis test page......I want you see what they look like. You really won't need some of them........but please look at all of them. On the HTML......writer.......NEVER use that one on your site. I will give you a better way......that you can delete later if you don't like it.
After you are done with the testing of all of them.......Delete this page and go to Test 2.....Or save it.