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Cyber DJ Sandi's Music
Test 2


Sis this is a brand new page. When you make a new page? Always clean it up first before you add anything..........always start out with a clean don't need this stuff. So below this line.......I won't you to hit the edit button....the little yellow one.
It will take you to your text writer.  Now you will see a delete this idem at the bottom of the page. Just hit that. Now it's gone.  Do this with all of them below this line. When you are done with that? Do this:
Hit your ADD TEXT Button.
Now you will see where you can ADD your text.
Click on one of them. It will now take you back to the text writer.
Write what ever you want in the space. Now make it you would with Copy and Paste.
After you have done that.....go to the top of the writer and click on each one of the button's to see what they will do.?
After you have done that click done and see where you put it.  If your not happy with it then just click edit.......and go redo what you want done with it.
When your done......and go to Test Page 3. Delete this......or save it.

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