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Cyber DJ Sandi's Music
Test 3


Sis this lesson is to show you how to put in HTML Code's.
Go to your ADD when it load's will see a gray/black button that say's SHOW HTML.
Leave what is there ALWAY's. Now put your Code up next to it and hit done.
When you have finished what you are done with for the day.......or up to 4 day's......then you will have to Publish.
NO one can see your change's until you Publish......that is very important.
But only when you are done with a page.......or what you were doing.
Now if you want to see what the page will look like......then hit the REVIEW SITE.
Now for your Tag/Photo Link' this: Hit ADD PICTURE. Now go get what you want to use........when it is in your Photo Storage..........then hit resize to the size that you want.
Under there you will see 2 long white line's..........on the bottom line......Put the name or the tag number on this line. This will line your picture up the way you want it to look.
Now go down until you see the 1 white will have the HTTP;//
in it. This is where you will link or change link's at.
This is also where you put the link's to your back, next, and home button's.
Now go down and put your photo or tag......where you want it. Do this by hiting one of the boxes.
Now you are hit done.  Now see if that is what you want? If not just hit the edit button.
Now this is a MUST. When you change a photo or tag and you NO longer won't it.........go to your photo file and delete it from there......the more you keep it clean with stuff you no longer use? The better for you to save Bandwidth and Free space. It also help's when loading up the page's.
Have Fun!!!!!!  Love You! Wanda